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Tip. This game allows you to acquire game items smoothly by using "Free Charging Station".※ New users will receive a download giftLeather set + 100 Candy + 10,000 gold + Captain jack coupons 5 [Game Features] - "Hero mode" of 550 stages in total- "Dungeon Mode" to compete with your friends- Simple and convenient interface- Easy difficulty setting (Easy, Normal, Hard, Master, Crazy)- Hero & friend drawing system (grade 6) can increase the character's ability according to the rating.- Various daily, weekly missions to receive cash items free of charge.- Reduced user fatigue through automatic combat.- Choose 2 stage mode and 4 hero friends in dungeon mode.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------※ Pivacy Policy※ Details of required access rights.- Contacts: The app can also read and edit contacts using the contacts of the user's device.(You can get item after watching video ads.)- Mobile phone: You can change the usage status of your mobile phone. (Read status and ID)- Device ID and call information: It is possible to set to not change to sleep mode during game.- Miscellaneous: Enable vibration, check network and WIFI connection status.* Unauthorized privileges and functions through the ability to revoke authorization of a terminal's access right or delete an app You can deny access to.* If you are using Android OS version 6.0 or lowerYou can not. In this case, make sure that you can upgrade your operating system to 6.0 or later.After upgrading, you need to re-install the app to be allowed by permission

Tentang larva-heroes-lavengers2020 Mod APK:
larva-heroes-lavengers2020 Mod APK adalah versi mod Android dari game larva-heroes-lavengers2020. Versi terbaru untuk larva-heroes-lavengers2020 Mod APK adalah 1.8.0. Ukuran larva-heroes-lavengers2020 Mod APK adalah . Kami tahu larva-heroes-lavengers2020 dikembangkan oleh . Dan aplikasi ini penuh dengan kesenangan bermain. Dengan bantuan Mod larva-heroes-lavengers2020, larva-heroes-lavengers2020 akan lebih mudah bagi Anda. Fitur mod dari mod larva-heroes-lavengers2020 adalah . Unduh dan pasang aplikasi mod larva-heroes-lavengers2020 untuk Android sekarang!

Bagaimana cara meng-install larva-heroes-lavengers2020 Mod APK?
1.Anda perlu menghapus versi asli larva-heroes-lavengers2020 jika Anda telah menginstalnya. 2.Download larva-heroes-lavengers2020 Mod APK di situs kami. 3. Setelah unduhan selesai, Anda perlu menemukan file apk dan menginstalnya. 4. Anda harus mengaktifkan "Sumber tidak dikenal" untuk menginstal aplikasi di luar Play Store. 5.Kemudian Anda dapat membuka dan menikmati larva-heroes-lavengers2020 Mod APK
Mod APK Informasi:
  • Nama paket: com.mrgames.larvaheroes2018
  • Versi: 1.8.0
  • Ukuran file:
  • Diperbarui: Aug 18, 2017
  • Versi Android minimal: Android 2.3 and UP
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